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Become a Six-Figure Freelance Writer in the Next 12 Months

Follow my step-by-step guidance and you will be earning 6 figures in just one year.

Unlock the financial freedom you deserve!

If you’re a writer who has struggled to quit your day job in order to write, or want to unlock greater financial success through being a freelancer writer, I can help.

I offer 1-on-1 consulting and mentorship to help you become an incredibly successful writer.

I will share the specific method I used, as well as insider secrets that I’ve picked up over time, which have unlocked extraordinary success for me.

I will provide you with a tailored approach to your specific needs and circumstances, delivering the results you desire.

You will learn how to get high-paying writing jobs, even if you have no connections.

You will learn how to land dream clients and avoid nightmare clients.

What You Get

  • Concrete and actionable steps using my proven method
  • Personal 1-on-1 and real-time guidance
  • Direct communication via email, WhatsApp/Telegram, and Skype/Zoom
  • Exclusive resources on successful strategies.

My Story

It all started towards the end of 2019…

I quit my day job (remotely working as a project financial specialist for a multi-billion dollar private company), packed my bags, and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.

Just before doing so, I decided to set up a future career in writing while I used a nest egg I had created to finance my journey to being my own boss. 

I had been writing for several years casually, without getting paid for it, for a number of my own personal projects and organizations. However, starting to make a career out of it felt overwhelming at first. Who would hire me to write for them if I had a portfolio that didn’t include anything I wrote for other clients?

Sure, I had written several dozen articles over the years to help people with their personal evolution. Also, a few magazines that published my work, and I had a published book as well, but not much more than that.

It turns out, it was easier than I expected.

My “office” in Koh Phangan, Thailand

A big reason for this was MINDSET. Having the mindset that you will succeed really does help you attract success.

Another reason was SELF-WORTH. Since I believed my writing was very good, I made my rates a combination of what I believed my writing was worth and what was within reason for a new freelance writer to change. 

This worked. 

Not only was I able to start off with a decent pay rate, but I started receiving more clients, who would also refer my services to others. After that initial month of getting traction (which I will guide you through), the momentum accelerated. 

It wasn’t long before I was getting so many new clients that I had to raise my rates regularly to keep up with the demand and maintain a work/life balance. 

This kept going until I unlocked the equivalent of earning six figures a year after it being a year since I began freelance writing.

I now have regular clients who help me continue my success, allowing me to live comfortably in beautiful and sunny Laos.

Now, I want to give back and help other aspiring freelance writers unlock the level of success I have achieved. That is why I have opened up an exclusive mentoring program designed exclusively for you.

Proven Results

I don’t just talk the talk

I walk the walk.

The snapshot you see here is from just one writing platform I received hundreds of clients from. I no longer write as much as I used to but when I do, I generate the bulk of my writing income through having direct freelance clients and organizations, which I will teach you how to work with. 

In a single year, I went from making $0 to making over $10K per month (and beyond) writing for clients on a wide variety of topics. In fact, I have now written around 3,000 articles and 10 books! Today, I no longer need to write as much as I used to, which is a hack I will teach you about as well.

I will teach you exactly how I was able to do this, and provide you with exclusive insider tips and tricks you could only get by being mentored by a professional writer like myself.

If you want to start your journey to a recession-proof career that you can do from anywhere in the world, then click on the button below to start your journey!


My experience with Paul was astonishing, and one that yielded rewards almost immediately. If you aspire to be a full-time professional writer, Paul has the experience and expertise to guide you through the simple process of getting started. He was especially proactive and informative in establishing a springboard with the online platform I used, and he showed a genuine interest in my goals and objectives. Paul walked me through each step involved as I was getting started, and offered vital feedback in my initial exchanges with my first clients. I'm well on my way, and I have Paul to thank for it.
Jason Stenglein