Holistic Guidance

Guidance, Coaching, and Conscious Evolution Sessions


Paul’s one-on-one holistic guidance sessions are transformational on a multidimensional level. One session could be all it takes, if you are open to shifting your consciousness.

Paul offers private one-on-one holistic life counseling & conscious evolution sessions, via Zoom (recommended) or Skype. Holistic guidance is an approach which takes the entire multidimensional being (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual aspects) into consideration and is a customized approach because everyone’s life experiences are uniquely different. The uniqueness of Paul’s guidance is that he takes into account all aspects multidimensional Reality, as well as hyperdimensional influences, when providing guidance, counseling, and coaching.

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How Paul’s Holistic Guidance Can Help

  • If you a high achiever that needs powerful coaching
  • If you are having trouble with soul embodiment
  • If you need guidance towards optimal diet & nutrition
  • If you want to open your heart
  • If you want to feel more confident and powerful
  • If you want to learn effective beginner & advanced meditation techniques
  • If you want to energize and inspire your successful movement forward in your life
  • If you want to gain clarity regarding choices that need to be made in your life
  • If you want to have steady guidance as you take steps toward something new & exciting
  • If you want to discover, reignite, or deepen your spirituality
  • If you want to become a high-level manifester and conscious creator
  • If you want to increase abundance in your life
  • If you want to increase your energy and vitality
  • If you want to step into your power

Paul helps his clients overcome obstacles on the spiritual and awakened path, transcend perceived limitations, reclaim their power & energy, dream bigger than they ever have, and see how powerful and gifted they truly are, so that they can experience extraordinary transformations and upgrades in their lives.

The key to creating anything you want in your life is knowing your next step. With Paul’s guidance, you will be able to get clear about your goals, purpose, and strategy, which always begins with a clear next step.

Special Offer: Paul’s book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift will be provided for free as part of any session booked.

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Paul's Awakening Process

In what was a gradual realization and understanding of what the true Self is and what the nature of Reality is from adolescence onward, Paul became an active seeker of everything that was never taught in the established educational systems.

By doing so, and by filtering the the signal from the noise, Paul was able to develop an extensive knowledge base to which he also applied diligent personal practice as a means to verify what resonated as functional and effective in the evolution and elevation of consciousness. There was plenty of deprogramming and self-work that needed to be done in order to avoid non-virtuous actions, the traps of mis-identification with the ego personality, and the pitfalls of in-authenticity.

By focusing on having a balance in all aspects of his life, Paul is able to provide an approach to conscious evolution that ensures there is harmony in the path taken in the quest for healing and growth.


Mentorship Program

This special program is designed to take you over the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. Paul will teach you how to use powerful tools and techniques so that you can overwrite the habitual patterns of self-sabotage unconsciously controlling your life experiences and outcomes. Both visible and hidden influences that take keep you away from embodying your true sovereignty will be dispelled.

You will learn how to transcend the control matrix and attain embodied understanding about how to avoid traps of agreement, which are one of the primary causes of suffering. You will no longer be running on autopilot according to instructions programmed by energies that are not your own. 


Before you book your mentorship program, please fill out this form.  Once your submission is received, Paul will evaluate how to shape your customized mentorship program based on what you shared. He will respond with the next steps to take prior to the session.

Paul is one of my favourite authors on the subject of consciousness. He discusses complex, sometimes overwhelming, concepts in a way that makes them both digestible and inspiring.
Andy Whiteley, Co-Founder of Wake Up World