Ask For Help When You Need It

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Ask for help if you need it.

There have been increasingly-strict travel restrictions and lockdowns in countries around the world. This has made getting from one place to another has become difficult or impossible legally.

After being in Thailand for the past seven months, up until mid-March, and being on the small island of Koh Phangan for the previous 5 of those months, my partner Ariana and I intuited that it was time for us to leave. We began feeling that, energetically, things were starting to get frantic and discordant. We abided by some deductive reasoning. Critical thinking and intuition work hand-in-hand to reach the clearest and truest solution, which is what we believed we came to.

We read in the news how one country after another was closing its borders and suspending its flight every single day. So, we decided that we needed clarity, above the frantic ego mind obscuring our ability to see the best possible outcome.

What we did was ask our higher Selves, guides, and entire support team throughout all time spaces and dimensions, of pure positive Source light and pure position intention, to help us become aware of the best possible decision for us in this time of great uncertainty in the world.

We were given help immediately.

We now understood that not only did we have to make plans to leave the country, but we should move our time table up a few days. Even more radically, we needed to change the country we were going to go to since it closed its borders the same day. We received clarity that there was a nearby country that was going to be our haven and sanctuary for a little while.

We booked our flights and flew to Bangkok the next day from the island. We arrived at the embassy with just enough time before it closed, receiving the last two visas given out in Thailand for Laos. After we received our visas, the clerk closed the doors to the embassy. The borders were closed hours after we arrived in a van we rented within our new sanctuary. We were now away from the panic and hysteria occurring within much of the collective consciousness.

Here, life is mostly going on as usual. There was a three-week ‘shutdown’ that ends today. In a reassuring display of the consciousness in this part of the world, most people have not allowed the COVID-19 coronavirus to change who they are: kind, happy, generous, and loving people.

When in Doubt, Ask for Help

If we had not asked for help, we would have been in a radically different situation that would have been potentially very challenging.

This was the most important lesson yet for us that asked us to surrender and trust in something bigger than ourselves fully. Having gone through this experience, we are filled with immense gratitude for it.

Because of the challenges we faced and navigated, we are more sure now more than ever, that we are not alone, ever. Without getting too deep into the dynamics of soul evolution, know that there are always benevolent energies waiting to assist us. There is always an entire squad of luminous beings rooting for you and wanting to help you…all you need to do is ask for it.

People are sometimes afraid to ask for help because they are worried about ‘imposters’ who are just false light entities masquerading as helpers. However, when you develop your discernment abilities, using both heart and mind together, you will only communicate with genuine helpers.

heart and brain balance

They cannot do anything for you unless you ask, because you have free will. Once you open the door to receiving, you welcome in the support they earnestly wish to give you. This is because you are more connected to them than you may realize.

If you are confused as to what to do about something going on in your life right now or are unable to have a clear head, do the following:

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep in-and-out breaths. Get to a state of peaceful neutrality. You may spend a few seconds or even a few minutes because you feel clear.

  • Directly ask your higher Self, guides, and your entire support team, of pure positive intention, to help you with whatever issue you are facing.

Avoid being attached to a highly-specific request, because that may not be the best possible outcome for you.

For example, if we had asked, “Please help us get into Indonesia before the borders close.” we would have potentially blocked any assistance from our team to help us get to the country that would be best for us to go to, like Laos. Instead, frame your request for help by saying something like, “Please help guide us towards getting into the country that is best for us to be in at this time.” This keeps the possibilities and opportunities more open to us being subtly guided, via various signs and synchronicities, towards the best possible outcome.

When you ask clearly and directly to your authentic support team, you WILL receive an answer.

It may come in a string of number synchronicities, or a sighting of an animal you usually don’t see, or a direct internal message, or suddenly seeing a word or phrase when you turn your head, or a number of other ways of communicating to you, depending on how the quickest and most effective way to communicate with you is at the time.

In place of direct communication within a meditative state with your helpers, you can also consult a divination tool such as the I Ching. This is the oldest known divination tool still in existence.

i ching trigram and hexagram
A representation of I-Ching trigrams and hexagrams.

This is a powerful tool that volumes have been written about. At the end of his life, Confucius (who studied the I Ching in great depth) said, that he has studied the I Ching his entire life, yet wishes he could study it for yet another lifetime to understand it better.

While my partner and I have received profound realizations and understanding of difficult questions and circumstances using the I Ching, we have found that direct asking provides some of the clearest results.

In these transitional times of shadow-facing, awakening, and ascension, it’s more important than ever to ask for help with life here on Earth. I assure you that you will not regret putting your ear to the metaphysical ground to hear what your team of wise luminaries has to tell you.

Your openness in allowing your guides to intervene on your behalf and assist with your personal evolution is not only a service to yourself, but it’s also a service to all of humanity, Earth, and beyond.

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Hi Paul, have you considered sun gazing practice in any form?

Yes, sun gazing is a powerful practice that I practice every evening by looking out my window at the sunset on the river I live on. I wait until it is approximately half an hour before the sunset to ensure it will be safe to receive that direct light.

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