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Paul’s overall mission is to help individuals and humanity as a whole to unlock their greatest potential.

What Paul places a great deal of emphasis on is educating people on what is the leading edge of evolutionary possibility.

Paul has taught thousands of people through his courses, facilitated workshops at various organizations, events & shows, and has had his articles published in magazines and journals around the world, being read millions of times. Paul’s words and guidance will motivate people to take action, enable them to see things differently, and expand awareness of optimized solutions to problems plaguing individuals and society.

Besides offering holistic guidance, advisory services, high-level mentorship, and keynote presentations & workshops, he spreads the message of personal evolution & collective conscious evolution, in its entire spectrum, both online and in person around the world.

Areas of Focus

There are a few key areas of focus that Paul specializes in. These include the following:


The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. You hold the keys to your own destiny…it’s time to use them to unlock the doors of Possibility.


While Paul is involved in numerous arenas and industries, the following are his core services currently being offered.

Conscious Evolution Guidance

Personalized one-on-one guidance in the following areas:

  • Supercharged Health
  • Energy Protection
  • Reality Alchemy
  • Heart Lucidity
  • Biohacking
  • Advanced Gnosis
  • Unstoppable Confidence

Professional Advisory Services

Expert advisory services focused on the following fields:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Financial Sovereignty
  • Societal Systems Development
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Regenerative Architecture
  • Conscious Business Development

Workshops And Speaking

Workshops, presentations, interviews, and talks given on the following:

  • Decentralized Systems
  • Regenerative Systems
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Mental Sovereignty
  • Integral & Whole Systems
  • Creating a Conscious Paradigm
  • Societal Systems Development

Copywriting Success Program

Mastering the art of word magic to powerfully impact decisions people make. 

  • Dozens of helpful tools
  • Time-tested strategies
  • Understand sales psychology
  • Effective targeting techniques
  • Confidence-building techniques
  • Copywriter hacks & secrets
  • Ethical persuasion
Become a Conscious Evolver
Let's Shift the Paradigm
20 Years of Experience

Paul has been what he calls a Horizon Explorer since the age of 16, when he started on his path of awakening awareness regarding self-realization the nature of Reality. Throughout his journey, he has been an avid seeker of Truth and of the optimal ways of being human and of the structuring and designing of society according to the ideal template.

Connect with Paul
If you would like to contact Paul, you can use the methods below:

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